Need a simple, high quality,
low-cost web presence?

We can do that.

Web design and development

Yes, we can definitely provide you with high-tech dynamic database-driven sites that are easy to update online by anyone with basic office software knowledge. But that may not be what you need.

We still provide clients with a low-tech alternative: a practical, literate, low-cost web site with an emphasis on high-quality graphics that tell your story and provide your contact information.

Not everyone needs the high-tech, more expensive web site. But if you think that's all that's available these days, not so. We still meet the needs of those who mainly just want a web site that only needs to be updated a couple of times a year -- the electronic equivalent of a brochure. We will create the site, do your occasional updates, and make sure people can find you when they need your goods or services.

However, if you want to update your own site on a regular basis, we can help there too. Need the ability for clients or members to pay online? We specialize in adding online payment into your web site, and to make your work even easier, we can fully integrate that with your QuickBooks accounting system to eliminate manual entry of online transactions.

Find out more about our work, our fees, and the web design possibilities for your business or organization. And have a look at the web sites we have designed and created.

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Web hosting

And we host web sites. Large and small. Personal, corporate and organizational.

You get more than just hosting... much more. Find out about multiple email addresses, email forwarding, autoresponders, web access to your email, and statistical analysis and reporting, all among the features that accompany our hosting service.

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And that's not all

We originally started in the business of publishing and graphic design. We still do that. See what other services we can provide for you.

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Get in touch

To discuss your web site requirements, or other services we offer (including custom work... tell us what you need), please send us a note using our convenient Contact Us page. We're easier to contact by email than by phone, but go ahead, call 306-783-4574 and leave a message if there is no answer.

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